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Gucci Perfume: Popular Italian Brand

Gucci is a popular Italian brand of bags. This was famous for travel bags from 1921 to 1973. After that, this company launched their first perfume for women in 1974. Gucci no. 1 was the first perfume which provided the new identity for this brand. They have been offering the series of fragrances for men and women. Gucci Perfumes of this brand are generally very costly because these are one of the most leading brands in the world.

Men and women prefer to use this series of fragrances because these are natural and free from side-effects. Notes are Chypre woody, bergamot, cypress, jasmine and, amber and Elemi which gives longevity of a fragrance.

Try to use these most famous Gucci Perfumes which you can buy online:


1. Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche for women 75ML
2. Envy Me 2 for women 50ML
3. Envy Me for women 100ML
4. Guilty for women 75ML
5. Guilty Black Pour Homme for men 50ML
6. Guilty Intense for women 75ML

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Buy Hugo Boss Perfume from Emiaroma Online Store of Perfume at Affordable Prices

Development of online shopping store makes convenient for the people to buy anything from anywhere at any time. Emiaroma is one of the famous online platform which sell huge numbers of branded perfumes for men and women at discounted prices. We are offering Hugo Boss perfume, which is the old brand of German for fashion and accessories. They were introduced the first perfume for men in 1985 which provides the great fame for this brand. After that, they will launch 59 lines of fragrances from 1985 to till date. Many men and women love to use scents of this brand because of peasant smell and have no skin side-effects.

You can buy these Hugo Boss Perfumes for men from emiaroma online store with discount:


Baldessarini for Men 75ML:

Hugo Boss Baldessarini for men 75ML

You can buy this product at AED170.00 which was introduced in 2002 especially for adult audience.


Hugo Boss Selection for Men 90ML:

Hugo Boss Selection for men 90ML

This is one of the favorite products of men, which provide the fragrance of fresh green juicy grapefruit and spicy pink peppercorn nuance. You can buy this product at only AED172.

Hugo Boss Red for men:

Hugo Boss Red for Men

This was introduced in 2005 which is like by huge audience for the Oriental Spicy fragrance. Ingredients of this product are natural like orange, pepper and cardamom, cinnamon, musk, vanilla etc.

Hugo Boss also offers the line of Fragrances for Women:

  • Hugo Boss Woman
  • Dark Blue for men 75ML
  • Deep Red for women 90ML
  • XX for women
  • Orange Sunset for Women

If you never use the perfumes of this brand, then try to use. You will definitely become the fan of this line of series with different fragrances. You just need to visit our store, review the products and place your order and we will deliver your favorite fragrance, perfume at your doorstep.

Buy Branded Burberry Perfume with less Price from Online Emiaroma Store

With the increasing the trend of online shopping, large numbers of ecommerce websites are developing to meet the needs of people. Now, emiaroma is the new entry in the ecommerce world which provides the opportunity to buy huge varieties of perfumes with different fragrances at heavy discount. Most of the people like to use branded scent which makes ethanol or a mix of water and ethanol and should be free from any kind of side-effect. Huge numbers of companies are launching the different types of body spray, deodorants and scents but it is good to use the branded one.

If you want to buy affordable Burberry Perfume of your choice then you can visit our store. Burberry is the old British brand for clothing which also provides different fragrances in beautiful bottles with company signature.

Review our some of the most selling Burberry perfume for men and women:

Burberry body:  Burberry offered the new line of fragrances for women in Sept 2011 with pleasant smell. You can buy this branded product from our online store at AED175.0. This is present in beautiful 60ml bottle which you can buy at anytime from your home.


Body Intense for women:  If you like to use the smell of Chypre Fruity, then choose this product. This was offered in 2011 with new fragrance of fruits. It is the mixture of wormwood, freesia, sandalwood and rose, vanilla and musk.

Burberry Body Intense

Body Rose Gold for women:  This brand launched new perfume with the smell of rose in Oct 2012. In 2013, there new edition of rose gold was launched in pink color which gives the agreeable feeling for women. It contains the liquid mixture of wormwood, peach and freesia rose, sandalwood, amber and musk.

burberry body rose gold

Burberry Brit for Men(100ML):  This is the most selling perfume for men which was launched in 2004 with casual fragrance. It is made up of Citrusy freshness bergamot and cool notes of cardamom. You can buy this product from our stone at anytime at the cost of AED170.00 only.


Sport Ice for Men (50ML):   This was introduced in 2011 to give aromatic aquatic fragrance for men.  It is the mixture of citruses, ginger and water, sea water, musk and amber. Numbers of men love to use this scent because of this aquatic fragrance. If you want to buy this product with less cost as compare to the market price, then emiaroma store can be your destination.

burberry sport ice for women

The Beat for Men 50ML: This was introduced in 2008 by Olivier Polge and Domitille Bertier, with Woody Aromatic fragrance. Men love the smell of this product most which is the mixture of black pepper, violet, geranium and woody notes.

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Burberry is the most famous brand of perfumes which provides line of fragrances for men and women. If you want to buy these perfumes online with discount offers then you can visit our online store emiaroma. We are offering varieties of body spray and scent at the price suitable your pocket.